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based in the macedon ranges, regional victoria, my passion is to uncover, collect and curate treasures of our past.  i believe we should recycle and re-love the many wonderful things from bygone eras. from times when items were made beautifully with care and attention to detail. the stunning fashion to the whimsical crockery, different styles span many decades.


a bowerbird at heart, I want to pass on these treasures for you to enjoy. i have created a small, welcoming spot in a restored shed and would love you to visit and take the time to wander, and ponder, a world gone by.

an appointment is all you need, so gather a group of friends or visit solo – i’ll meet you there!

polka dots are always in fashion!
pick a colour, any colour
extra special pieces land sometimes, these tan boots are great
loving leather - bags & belts!
for the horse lovers..
whimsical pieces from the past
sweetness for the little ones
tooled leather is always in style
storage vessels with stories
beautifully handmade
the shed is open!


born and raised in a small town in new zealand, i moved to australia to continue
my career as a personal assistant. these days, living in regional victoria has connected me to
my past with a familiar country town vibe. raising a small boy means adventure is never far
away and traveling this part of the country provides me with opportunities to source fabulous
items, and taking an empty suitcase to new zealand is a must!
having always had an affinity for all things vintage, i have collected pieces over the years, many with great stories to tell. whether it be a treasure that evokes a childhood memory, a dress from an amazing era or just something downright quirky, they are now gathered here in a cosy curated space.
i encourage everyone to appreciate and embrace the past – wear that dress you love, display
your collection of treasures and enjoy your individuality!

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book your personal or group shopping experience today!

enjoy a fantastic shopping experience at your leisure, gather a group of friends or come on your own!

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